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Introducing the new 1 gram W Vape pens

Published Thursday, June 01, 2017

W Vapes' new "Golden Gram" is fresh off the line from W Vapes.

Like all of their cartridges, it’s filled with pure and potent Co2 extracted single-origin Cannabis oil from the Hybrid Strain "Ice Queen."



This time, you'll notice a big difference in size. With the Golden Gram weighing in at a mega dose of 740 milligrams - over twice the size of what we’ve normally had on our menu. Meaning you get over double the amount of potent and delicious vape-ready cannabis oil. The Golden Gram also comes with a bit of a luxury feel with it's aesthetic. The cartridge, oil, and push button battery are all a bright, shiny gold, giving it a strong visual. The oil is processed into a bright platinum hue and it’s beautifully clear and the liquid visually moves easily and doesn't come with that sticky-slow-moving almost honey consistency.

W Vapes process for their oil extracting is award-winning. The terpenes are extracted first and reintroduced post processing so the taste and specific effects of the particular strains are preserved.

The cannabinoid content is conveniently printed on the back of its plastic presentation-style packaging. Some vape-pens come with a carrying case, this one isn't really meant for pockets. You'll be very pleased to see (and feel) that the THC content is a full 74%.

The effects and feelings experienced during and after medicating with this discreet golden w vape pen were even better than what’s been come to be expected from the always reliable W Vapes. It's incredibly relaxing and we think you're going to be able to lay back and put on a big smile as all the stress and tension slips away.

If you're like us, you'll have no problem taking an extra couple of moments of vaping, knowing you have over twice as much to enjoy as usual.

You can find the Golden Gram W Vapes pen, Available in Ice Queen here. Hurry and grab yours before because we have a limited quantity available!





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