How to Properly Store Your Cannabis

Published Friday, December 16, 2016

If you’re like me, then you like to buy your cannabis in bulk so that you get a better bang for your buck. But frugality comes with a price…dry bud. Fear not though, there are multiple ways that you can keep your cannabis fresh for an extended period of time and even ways you can re-moisten your already dried up bud!

What you need to protect your flower against is mold, humidity, and exposure to light. All three of these factors will affect the way your buds hold up over time. If your flower, or the container you keep it in is exposed to too much humidity your flower will dampen and eventually grow mold. If your cannabis is exposed to too much light over a long period of time it will dry out, ultimately resulting in fast burning and flavorless buds.

If stored properly though your cannabis can last you up to two years! If you know that you are going to keep a certain amount of cannabis for an extended period of time, separate that amount from the cannabis you think you’ll use in the immediate future. You should keep your reserve amount in a sealed jar in a dark and cool place. Possibly a cabinet or maybe even your closet, DO NOT store your cannabis in the fridge or freezer. This will cause the trichomes to dry up and break off of the leaves which will leave your bud flavorless and less potent. Just make sure wherever it’s stored it won’t be exposed to light, and remember that heat rises…so the lower the better! Long story short, keep your cannabis in a dark, low place and you should be good!

If you did not know about these tricks and you already have some dried up bud on your plate there are remedies for that as well! One of the oldest tricks in the book for dampening your dried up bud is adding an orange peel into your container. This technique is great because in addition to adding moisture to your buds the terpenes from the orange peel also add flavor to your cannabis. With this method you need to make sure that the orange peel is an appropriate size for the amount of cannabis you have. You also should only leave the peel in for a few hours, otherwise you will over moisten your cannabis and then it will develop mold.

Another way to add moisture to your dried up cannabis is to add a little bit of iceberg lettuce to your stash. This has the same effect as the orange peel, minus the added flavor. You can also drop a ‘moisture bomb’ in with your cannabis to dampen it. A moisture bomb is simply a dampened paper towel wrapped up in tinfoil with holes poked through. Drop one of these in the container your cannabis is stored in and in about 20 minutes you will have moist buds!

Keeping your cannabis fresh is so important because it preserves all of the healing compounds present within the plant! So now that you know how to properly store and re-moisten your buds, you can buy in bulk guilt free!




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