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5 Tips For First Time Cannabis Consumers

Published Friday, December 16, 2016

Since November 8th there are currently 25 states in America that offer some form of legal cannabis. With that being said, now is the perfect time to try the plant out if you have yet to. The cannabis plant has amazing medicinal value and may also be used recreationally. Trying anything for the first time can sometimes be intimidating, especially when you are ingesting something into your body. So, to assist the weary here are some tips for your first time!

Don’t Over Do It

One of the most important things to remember when consuming any form of medicine is that everyone’s body reacts differently. We all have our own individual endocannabinoid system which interact in a unique way with the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. What this means is that just because your friend didn’t get high the first time they consumed cannabis does not mean you will not. So please, be cautious.

Make Sure You Get The Goods

One of the greatest benefits that has come with cannabis’ emergence from prohibition is the variation of strains available to consumers! Please do not just settle for whatever you can get your hands on, but instead go to a dispensary or call a delivery service. The advantage of doing this is that you can ask the budtender or phone operator about the different types of cannabis they have available and which they think would be best suited for you based on your medicinal needs or recreational expectations.

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Use a Mild Consumption Method

Since it is your first time consuming cannabis my first suggestion would be to NOT eat an edible, which is one of the most potent methods. Maybe hold off on the bong rips as well. For your first time consuming cannabis you should take it easy with something like a joint or a pipe or one hitter, something light. A vaporizer would also be beneficial for a first time consumer as it will reduce any inflammation your lungs may experience. It is important to remember that you can always consume more, so take it slow.

Be Prepared

As it is your first time you will most likely be unaware of the side effects of consuming cannabis. The most prevalent being, red eyes, cottonmouth, and uncontrollable coughing. The coughing can be kept to a minimum if you follow my previous instructions and use a mild consumption method. As for the other two side effects, they can be easily prevented! Wherever you choose to consume for your first time make sure to bring some eye drops, cough drops (just in case), and a water bottle! Maybe some snack as well for the inevitable munchies.


Now that you have had a highly successful experience using cannabis, do it again! This time switch it up a little, try a different strain or different consumption method. Cannabis is your own personal medicine and the more you use it the faster you will find out exactly what form is right for you!




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